What’s Number One In Your Life?

In the House of SAOR, it’s our original calming, carefree fragrance infusing fragrant bergamot, fresh white tea and airy musk. And now, our original fragrance will be branded as a hAon, Gaelic meaning number one.

SAOR’s a hAon will continue to be packaged in our signature bamboo box in a new, beautifully designed 10ml roll-on bottle. So why did we decide to brand our original fragrance a hAon? Because the House of SAOR will be welcoming into our home a line of signature scents – and more! We will release our new products to you later this summer.  New product launches and exciting promotions will be posted on our website saorperfume.com, Facebook SAORperfume and @saor_perfume

Enjoy SAORing this summer with that number one in your life.


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  • Shelly


  • Erin Hamilton

    love it! so happy for you! I will continue to support. beautiful fragrance

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