Scent-sational Bergamot: More Than Perfume

April showers are here and that blissful rain brings us bergamot blossoms, the head note of SAOR. Bergamot has been a revered ingredient in perfumes since the 18th century court of Louis XV. But more than a calming, captivating, carefree essence, bergamot offers you scent-sational health benefits.

Join us as we take an in-depth look at bergamot oil…

The origins of bergamot oil

Bergamot oil is said to have originated in Southeast Asia where Cirtus Bergamia was first grown, but it actually gained popularity when it was widely grown in Italy. It was so popular in this part of the world, that it was named after Bergamo, a city in Italy where the oil was sold.

So what exactly is bergamot?

Bergamot is a plant that grows a citrus fruit names Cirtus Bergamia. The fruit is a blend of lemon and orange with a sour flavor. Bergamot oil is produced by extracting the oil from the peel of this fruit using a technique known as cold compression, which is basically squeezing the skins to release the oil.


What are some of the health benefits?

As an antidepressant – Bergamot oil is often used thanks to its properties as a stimulant that is known for perking up the senses and elevating a low mood.

As a skin healer – Bergamot oil is often used to help fade scars, stretch marks, or even acne scars, as it can even out the levels of melanin in the skin, causing marks to fade or appear lighter.

As an aid for lowering blood pressure – Bergamot oil acts as a stimulant and promotes hormonal secretions including bile and insulin. This in turn promotes healthy digestion and works with the breaking down of sugars which lowers blood pressure.

As a stress reliever – If you suffer from stress, then bergamot oil stimulates hormones in your body including serotonin and dopamine, which in turn make your feel happier, more relaxed, and can promote feelings of mild sedation.

As an anti-infectious agent – Many people don’t realize that bergamot oil is often added to common hygiene products such as soaps because it has the ability to kill germs, viruses, and fungi. You can use bergamot oil to reduce the risk of infection by applying it directly onto your skin.

As a pain reliever – Bergamot oil stimulates hormone secretions which then inhibits nerve sensitivity. As such, it is an effective pain reliever and is great for things such as muscle soreness, headaches, tension, or aches and sprains.

As a natural deodorant – Due to the fact that bergamot oil inhibits germ growth, it makes a great deodorant as germs cause body odor in the first place

As an anti-congestive – Bergamot oil can work hard to reduce the symptoms of a cough or common cold thanks to its amazing anti-congestive effects. It naturally kills germs and also helps your body to expel toxins such as phlegm and mucus.

As a fever reducer – Historically bergamot oil was used as a way of naturally lowering a fever, and this still holds true today. It is great for fighting infections that may cause the fever in the first place. If you have a fever then you can apply it to the temples or wrists in order to feel the benefits.

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