SAORing into February

As we SAOR into February, we wanted to spotlight Valentines, Karin and Trevor, who both enjoy SAORing: Karin with a hAon, Trevor with a Dó. Karin is premiering the TV Episodic, Work in Progress, at the Sundance Film Festival – good luck! You’ll be SAORific! @workinptv #SAORinginSundance

SAOR launched our second fragrance in September and wonderfully our perfume oil a Dó, meaning two in Gaelic, is really for two: both women and men are embracing the perfume notes of fragrant neroli blossoms, sensuous cananga and the warmth of cedar and sandalwood. And little did we know until we discovered the article below that….

Not until the 20th century were perfumes gendered;

before that, they were for everyone.


In 2016, Barney’s launched the unisex scent Phuong Dang Leather Up. Dang stated in a Hollywood Reporter interview, “I try to capture the human spirit in liquid form and to transform how you feel; we all have masculine and feminine within us,” said Dang. In this same article, Ben Krigler – a fifth generation perfumer – shares how Grace Kelly’s fragrance of choice, Chateau Krigler, is actually packaged under “Number 12” and men love it!

We asked our SAOR Ambassadors how SAOR’s a Dó, Gaelic for two, resonated with them. We love what Kelly shared:

Two be present

Two embrace the warmth of winter

Two be as one

Title feb

And “two celebrate” Valentine’s Day, share the fragrance of SAOR with your loved one and we’ll share the love:

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