Notes on wine and perfume.

As we SAOR into the final days of summer, we asked Natalie Pelletier, the lovely face of SAORaccomplished actressblogger and sommelier…to share with us her notes on wine and perfume.

Thank you Natalie for sharing your wit, wisdom and loveliness with us!

What is better than sitting down around 5pm (ok 4pm because it’s still summer!) and drinking a crisp glass of wine? Preferably on the beach or nestled in a shaded backyard where the grill is working its magic. There’s a salty breeze or the char from the wood, your glass is chilled– it’s relaxing. One of my favorite things about wine is taking the initial sip. You’re settled into your surroundings and you get a few seconds to smell the aromas of the glass before diving in to drink. Does it smell of citrus, flowers, herbs, or fresh berries? And better yet, when you take the first sip, do those scents compliment the taste (let’s hope yes!). That helps indicate balance, because who wants to smell fresh lemon and salt and taste a grassy, meadow. NOT ME!  Once I take the first sip, I’ll circle back into conversation, games and whatever else the evening has in store. But, as a bit of a wine nerd, I like to smell the wine after it has been out for a few minutes to see if anything has changed. Likely it has as the wine’s been exposed to a temperature change and oxygen. Different layers are able to be detected and the scent is usually stronger. It’s a slightly new experience, which makes wine so fun. Same goes for perfume. I always love to try on a new scent at the beginning of the day, putting a little behind my ears and on my wrists. Later in the day, I love seeing how the scent adapts and changes with my body and elements of the day. A great perfume holds up to it all, and I can say 1,000% SAOR’s lasting power is like NO OTHER perfume I’ve tried…and believe me I have a lot of samples. Cheers to slowing down for a moment to admire what’s around you and in your glass.

Happy drinking! xo Natalie 


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Happy summer SAORing!

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