A Mother’s Day Note from SAOR founder

I tell everyone, they call it “labor” for a reason. How many late nights with girlfriends over that second, third… glass of wine leads to the animated, competitive story telling of who survived the worst labor.

But a root word search on “labor” harvested the derivative “collaborate”. And I like to think that’s where all moms morph to after the “labor” room.

To collaborate: work together to achieve success. After the labor room, there’s forever more a “togetherness”: family. My family has been collaborating since the birth of my first-born 25 years ago. Then, three more labor room stories. It’s been work — but the successes will be chapter titles and the failures will be footnotes in my memoir, “Labor Begins at Delivery”.

This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate collaboration: we are in it together and “together” is where that second, third… glass of wine is shared.

SAOR is collaborating with Library For All during the month of May, to honor Mom: our first educator. SAOR will be donating 10% of all sales in May to Library For All – to continue making knowledge accessible to all, equally, through reading.

You can visit them at www.libraryforall.org

Happy Mother’s Day!

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