It All Makes “Scents”

After canvassing duty-free shops, department stores, and boutiques across three continents in search of a signature scent, Patricia O’Reilly-Talbot finally created one 12 years ago – SAOR. The word SAOR, Gaelic meaning to be free, is how she felt when wearing SAOR.

For years Patricia was stalked in hockey rinks, grocery stores, parking lots…by women and men asking “Do you mind me asking, what perfume are you wearing?” With the continual requests to share her secret scent, she worked over the past three years to brand, package and now market SAOR to those who, like her, were not perfume wearers but were seeking a carefree, calming scent.

A subtly sensuous perfume oil, SAOR infuses fragrances to create delicate scents that calm and captivate. To echo the essence of the scent, SAOR bottled the pure perfume oil – free of alcohol and water – in a signature bamboo box. SAOR’s original perfume oil, a hAon (Gaelic for one) infuses fragrant bergamot, fresh white tea and airy musk to create a delicate scent that calms and captivates.

SAOR launched their second perfume oil, a Dó, (Gaelic for two), in 2018: a warm sensuous scent infusing spicy neroli blossoms, cananga, and the warmth of cedar and sandalwood to create a scent for a Dó (two): a captivating unisex scent.

Most perfumes are 98% water and alcohol. SAOR is pure perfume oil. A dab behind your ears, SAOR calms and captivates you. A glide on your wrists enchants those around you. A light application in the morning transports you from dawn to dusk.

After three years of eCommerce sales, customers are now SAOR-ing in 38 states between NYC and LA. In 2018, SAOR expanded into retail boutiques and spas.

Stop by Booth #111 to experience SAOR’s pure perfume oils.

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