If I could put time in a bottle…

Jim Croce wrote the lyrics to “If I could put time in a bottle” after his wife, Ingrid, told him she was pregnant with his son, Adrian. Croce wrote it, sang it and now SAOR has bottled it. The secret of a scent is the memory and the feeling it evokes. It’s your time, in a bottle.

After canvassing three continents over decades to find a perfume that transported me to a time, place I cherished, I finally ended up creating my own with a local perfumer. Prized bergamot, fresh white tea and alluring musk combine to create a subtly sensuous perfume that calms and captivates.

What “time” do you want in a bottle? The memory of the rushing Pacific tide, the serenity of being lost in a great book by a crackling fire, a stroll through a path covered with autumn leaves, the sunrise view from your kitchen window, the first coo of your child? Catherine said SAOR takes her back to her days living in the UK. SAOR transports Jill to new places: opening and relaxing her soul. Where will SAOR take you?

Experience your time in a bottle and share it with us with a photo, tweet or FB post @ www.saorfume.com.

Happy SAOR-ing.

Patricia O’Reilly Talbot

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