We are partnering with Opportunity International once again to work together towards one bold vision: ending extreme poverty in our lifetime. SAOR will donate 10% of net profits October 1 through December 31 to Opportunity International.

Your SAOR purchase will impact women like Khurshita and her family. Read her story below.

Khurshita and her husband are both talented seamstresses. Yet despite their skills and drive, they spent years working for other sewing companies because they didn’t have resources to be self-employed. They earned small salaries that they used to support their four children, but they always dreamed about working independently and having more control over their business. The money they earned from the other company always seemed to run out quickly, and they dreamed of building their own company where they would be the only ones receiving the payments.

Everything began to change when a neighbor introduced Khurshita to Opportunity International. She and her husband got to work building the business of their dreams, and soon they were earning more than ever before. They used a portion of their profits to buy a couple of extra machines and they hired two of their neighbors to work as their employees. Now, Khurshita is the boss of her own thriving business. She is independent and proud of all that she is accomplished. She plans to build two new rooms in her house and is studying a new form of embroidery that she hopes to introduce to her garments. Most of all, she is educating her kids and preparing them for their own bright, successful futures.


Enjoy SAORing this holiday season while giving back.

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