Fierce is the New Black

Transition…changing from one state or condition to another.

Catherine Grace O‘Connell, inspiring blogger dedicated to celebrating women transitioning in their “Second Act” in life – rediscovering their purpose and passion in life – is hosting a life-changing event in LA, October 19-21 and SAOR perfume is honored to be a sponsor and speaker at FierceCon We’d love to have you join us!

We asked Catherine if we could share one of her posts, share her dream from @catherinegraceo

Thanks, Catherine for your continuous pursuit to open up doors, windows, and minds to the possibilities that await all of us in our “Second Act”.



I have a dream and that dream would allow all women at midlife and beyond to break free from any self-imposed cultural beliefs on what age should look like.

I have a dream where women of all ages are seen as the beautiful and relevant souls they were born to be.

I have a dream where the world begins to see more clearly through the eyes of their hearts rather than the filtered beliefs of their mind.

I have a dream where one day we wake up together to the dawning of a new world…. a world where age is seen as the gift it is…where women are valued not by their wrinkle-free visages but by the delicious beauty found within their heart and soul. What’s your dream?

I have a dream and that dream includes SAORing with you at FierceCon LA! It’s a life-changing weekend celebration to Rewire & Inspire. Visit FierceConLA2018 for more details and use code “FierceInsider” for $25.00 off.



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