Fall in Love with a Dó

You are in love with your #1: can you fall in love with a #2? We did!

SAOR went to work with our international perfumer to create our second signature perfume oil to launch this fall. The creative direction was to create a perfume oil that would embrace our customers with warmth and passion. In Ireland there is a term “wrap up well” against the winds that whip off the Irish sea across the alluring Irish landscape: we wanted to bottle that warmth, feeling and scent of Ireland’s alluring landscape.

Infusing fresh neroli blossoms, sensuous cananga and the warmth of cedar and sandalwood, SAOR created a Dó, Gaelic for the number two. A warm, sensuous scent, a Dó is the fragrance for the woman who is self-confident and enjoys taking a pause in her over scheduled life to reflect on her happiness. She loves to wrap up in a cozy throw with her favorite author next to a crackling fire; and a Dó will transport her from page one to “the end” as SAOR perfume oils are free of alcohol and water: fragrances that last from dawn ‘til dusk.

A Do ingredients

Throughout the 2018 fall season, September 22 – December 20th, every online purchase of a 10ml bottle of a SAOR perfume oil will include a free 1ml vial of a Dó ($10 retail value): for you, or “two share” with a friend.

Thank you to SAOR’s lovely model Eliza who “wrapped up well” for a SAOR photo shoot in the beautiful Chicago Botanic Gardens to launch our warm and captivating new fragrance a Dó.


‘Tis the season to fall in love…with a Dó.

Happy SAORing!

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