Discover your beach…and SAOR

It all started on a beach – Glencoe Beach, summer 2015.

SAOR hired the talented creative studio, ENEM creative, in the summer of 2015 to introduce SAOR perfume to the US market. Hmmm…a challenge to get consumers to scratch and sniff a computer screen so we had to visualize the scent of SAOR. What imagery would resonate with our audience on defining SAOR’s calming, carefree scent? Where did fragrant bergamot, fresh white tea and airy musk transport us? How could we best illustrate SAOR, the Gaelic word meaning, “to be free”?

We packed my Toyota Sequoia with our lovely Irish model, Caitlin, donning, of course, a beautiful Free People dress; ENEM’s Nolan and Julie with their creative minds and cameras; and a suitcase full of laughter as we set out on our journey to “find our beach.”

We landed on Glencoe Beach in the North Shore of Chicago, my beach, the home of SAOR. An immediate and lifelong synergy morphed on Glencoe’s beautiful shores that day. The shoot was filled with the ingredients that resonated SAOR: a pure perfume oil that releases the free spirit in all of us.

SAOR-Beach-SittingTo celebrate summer, we are giving away a custom designed canvas beach tote with each 10ml purchase of SAOR. 

It’s time to pack your tote, discover your beach…

and SAOR!



  • Lundin Kelly

    Love that bag! Love SAOR! 💕

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